About Talant Staffing

Talant Staffing was formed to execute a consolidation M&A strategy in the Staffing Industry and Human Capital Management (HCM) sector.  Organized by industry veterans with successful backgrounds building diversified, rapidly growing staffing firms, Talant’s intent is to combine successful companies with  “best practices” in operations, recruiting, sales, and training to provide superior investment returns and fulfill critical human capital needs.

The foundation for Talant’s strategy is built on five primary initiatives:

  • A “buy and build” acquisition initiative of successful companies with historically outstanding operational and financial performance
  • Development and propagation of specialty staffing services to diversify revenue and expand cross-selling opportunities
  • Build an exceptional and predictable sales team and customer service staff to drive sustained revenue and year-over-year organic growth
  • Execute a strategic roll-out of new organic offices into key, high-growth markets and in support of existing client companies’ operations
  • Develop a “best in industry” senior-level management team whose primary responsibilities will be to provide training, support and resources necessary for achieving operational excellence